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Cécile ZAROKIAN | Artistic collaborations
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> PROJET [IP]01 : An Illustrator — A perfumeur


The project originates from the meeting of an illustrator, Matthieu Appriou, and a perfumer, Cécile Zarokian.

The two artists decide to express their creativity away from any commercial or marketing approach by setting the brief themselves.
They alternate in leading and setting up the rules for the other.
The perfume becomes an illustrative scent and the illustration is the image of the perfume.


> Collaboration with the sculptor Sergey Falkine


The space of Sergey Fakin's opening was perfumed by a fragrance based on the same theme as the art works, the imaginary : the famous Russian sculptor showed his scuptures and draws in a very particular olfactive atmosphere in the cabaret Don Camillo in November 2011.